The 2rd Beijing Agriculture CarnivalBack

  Provided with main planning by CAU FUTONG, for the theme of “Nature, Integration, Participation and Sharing”, this project includes a hall, two theme zones, three paradises and six major areas. It set agricultural production, ecology, living, leisure, education and other functions in one thus to present a modern urban agriculture event for the public.

  CAU FUTONG is responsible for the two particular constructed theme parks--The Melon Paradise and The Purple Maze.

  The Melon Paradise displays a variety of creative landscape which is built with more than 80 kinds of curiously shaped melon and with the sale and experience areas, thus the visitors could experience more fun from melons.

  The Purple Maze shows more than 40 kinds of purple vegetables. It well guides the public to learn about the vegetables health care knowledge, and explores the mystery of purple vegetables.

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