Dahe Modern Agricultural S&T Production Demonstration Park in Taiyuan, ShanxiBack

  Taking Ecology, Science and Technology, Inheritance and Development as the purpose, the project, covers an area of 0.55 ha, is divided into 3 themes: Tropical Ambience, Agronomic New-tech and Floral Garden.

  Tropical Ambience combined with the fruit industry, logistics industry as well as the needs of four seasons’ leisure agriculture, South Fruits were planted in the North here  so that visitors can experience south fruit flavors when they enter the park.

  Agronomic New-tech, showing a variety of cultivation technology and excellent horticultural varieties attract people’s attention to agriculture, deepen the enterprise science and technology level and reflect the enterprise ability. Water was as the main design elements in the landscape construction.

  Floral Garden, used a simple space as the background, highly demonstrated different forms of flower art, promoted people to savor life in the long river of art and pursue green in the modern world.

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