Technological and Scientific Representative of Embassy of Vietnam Visited Beijing International UrbaBack

In the morning of Mar.28th, 2017, Mr. CHEN Chunlu, Science and Technology Office of Embassy of Vietnam, with his colleagues, visited Beijing International Urban Agricultural Park of ZHONGNONG FUTONG, and they expressed strong interest in planting patterns and technology of organic production.

After the acquaintance of development history, business and development idea of ZHONGNONG FUTONG, they visited the organic production area, and the technical director made detailed introduction of the cultivation techniques, planting patterns, the yield and sales channels of organic production in the park. With strong interest in it, Mr. Chen hoped the planting patterns and techniques can be applied in Vietnam. They also consulted the function, processing and sales of the vanilla in the greenhouse.
After the visit, Mr. Chen hoped both could make deep exchange and communication, and the large-scale cultivation base of organic vegetables would be built in Vietnam to supply the most reliable guarantee for quality and safety of agricultural products.

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