Colorful Resorts Carnival in Holiday of May Day with Performances, Foods and SceneryBack

During April 29th – May 1st, the May Day holiday, the tourism booming appeared in Colorful Resorts. Guangxi ZHONGNONG FUYU International Agricultural Technology Company conducted this for the visitors.

Outside of the carnival hall which was operated and maintained by ZHONGNONG FUYU, the gourmet festival theme activity started in the carnival square. Besides watching the wonderful performances, such as the songs and dances, the magic show and mountain bike stunt, visitors could also enjoy a variety of foods.

In the carnival hall, the original 8 theme exhibition halls had been improved in the scene, and visitors could see the scenery of the plant world, such as the Dutch windmill, France’s Eiffel Tower, Guangxi Zhuangxiang silk ball. Combined with the delicate sprinkler irrigation system, they brought exotic charms to visitors.

In the theme gallery, visitors were attracted by the delicious food produced by FUYU Company, such as the strawberries and cherry tomatoes, black rice dumplings, etc.

Looking forward to your coming during the May Day holiday to experience the leisure agriculture.

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