Professor from Queen’s University, Belfast, visited FUTONGBack

Invited by FUTONG, Christopher Elliott, the professor from Faculty of Medicine, Health & Life Sciences, Queen’s University, visited FUTONG on Feb.1, and had a thorough discussion with Prof. GUO Shuntang, Prof. FENG Ligeng, etc. from Food Science & Nutritional Engineering College, China Agricultural University (CAU).

During the discussion, Prof. Elliott discussed the problems food safety profoundly, and application and development of food testing technology in China. After the meeting, he conducted a field survey in agro-carnival and Modern Agricultural Industrial Cluster in Nanhe where he experienced featured farming and local fruits and vegetables.

On Feb.2, ZHANG Tianzhu, General Manager of FUTONG, met Prof. Elliott and talked about and then signed the Agreement on cooperation in food sector, then Prof. Elliott was awarded with Honor Certificate from FUTONG, which added brilliance to the platform for international experts.  

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