Agriculture Counsellor Ana GM. B. Abejuela Visited Futong’s Demonstration ParkBack

On October 26th, Ana GM. B. Abejuela, agriculture counsellor from embassy of the Republic of the Philippines Beijing, China visited Futong company’s high-tech demonstration base – Beijing International Urban Agricultural Science & Technology Park (Scientific Park) for a field trip. Related staffs from international cooperation department of Zhongnong Futong are responsible for this reception.


During this trip, the guests have been showed high technology of hydroponics, fish culture with high density, micro-nano bubble technology, and mushroom culture by chopped fruit trees. Besides, other interesting landscapes, such as goats climbing show area and agricultural science popularization class have drawn them huge attention.

From this study tour, both sides have discussed about their common grounds in the field of facility agriculture, university resources and agricultural varieties, as well as expressed their desire for cooperation in terms of tourism agriculture. Meanwhile it also promotes mutual communication between the Philippines and Zhongnong Futong, laying a solid foundation for futurle friendly cooperation.

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