Zhongnong Futong at the Hotri China 2018Back

HORTI CHINA 2018 has been held at the Horti China Exhibition in Shanghai from November 21st to 23rd. HORTI CHINA is a professional exhibition which is about the complete set of solutions of global fruit and vegetable, flowers, horticulture products and planting, harvest, preservation. It mainly focuses on the demonstration of facility technology, equipment and supporting materials, including complete set of greenhouses, greenhouse design, greenhouse construction, park planning, greenhouse framework, greenhouse covering materials, etc.  


Beijing Zhongnong Futong Horticulture Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongnong Futong) has been invited to this exhibition. In addition, Futong company, together with Shanghai Wanyao Qilong Exhibition Co., LTD, have created "HORTI CHINA modern agriculture demonstration zone", which have demonstrated pipeline cultivation, stereoscopic cultivation, nanotechnology and other modern facilities horticulture technology. Our booth has created an experiential tour environment for visitors, which have attracted their attention and kept them to take photos and consult.



Zhongnong Futong, as a high-tech service enterprise based on the experts and technical from China Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other scientific research institutions, focusing on the development goal of "Establishing International Top Promotion Platform", and focusing on the development concept of "Bringing in, Make Innovations and Going out". Also, Futong company is responsible for planning and design, project construction, park operation and other agricultural science and technology projects, which have won the recognition of customers and industries both home and abroad.


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