The 8th Top Conference on the Development of Modern County Agriculture Has Been Successfull Held Back

On November 23, with the theme of “developing county agriculture · promoting rural revitalization”, The 8th Top Conference on the Development of Modern County Agriculture in China & The 1st Rural Vitalization and Development Conference, which co-hosted by Agricultural Committee of Suqian, Jiangsu, Management Committee of Yanghe district of Suqian, Institute of Agricultural Planning Science of China Agricultural University, Beijing Zhongnong Futong Horticulture Co., LTD, Jiangsu Fujiang Agricultural S&T Development LTD, is been held is Suqian, Jiangsu Province.

The guests of this conference mainly include leaders from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, National Development and Reform Commission, agricultural leaders from local governments, experts and professors from academic institutions, counsellors from embassies in China, international guests, representatives of leading enterprises, as well as principals of financial institutions and media organizations, with the number accounting to more than 700 persons.

Wang Zhanwu, a host of this conference and director of agricultural committee of Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, extended a warm welcome to every distinguished guest.

Guang Hua, deputy mayor of people's government of Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, has delivered a speech during this conference. She pointed out that the 8th Top Conference on the Development of Modern County Agriculture in China has contributed to integration of politics, production, study and promotion, as well as cooperation between universities and enterprises. She also expects that, with taking this conference as an opportunity, communication platform for politics, production, study and research will be built to further promote rural revitalization strategy.

Shen Yi, deputy director-general of department of agriculture and rural affairs of Jiangsu Province, said that this conference has not only offered a rare opportunity for us to participant and share new agricultural theory, technology and achievements from both home and abroad, but also has built an excellent platform to extend foreign communication and cooperation for Suqian’s agriculture, as well as to promote the development of modern agriculture. He has also mentioned that it is expected that through the successful holding of this conference and the attention and support of all guests, they can bring in capital, technology, enterprises and talents, join in Suqian's modern agricultural construction and open a new chapter based on regional sharing and mutual benefits.

Zhang Tianzhu, professor of China Agricultural University, director of Institute of Agricultural Planning Science and chairman of China Agricultural Carnival Industrial Alliance, has delivered a speech during this conference, which has introduced the trend to develop county agriculture, and has given an in-depth analysis of agricultural hot or thorny issues such as industry integration, facility agriculture, as well as e-commerce and new retail.

This conference was hosted by professor Meng Fanxi, who is the former dean of International College of China Agricultural University.

Carlos, minister of representative office of Mexican ministry of agriculture in China, has given a speech with the theme of Mexican agricultural products trade.

Richard van Ostende, chief representative of Nanjing representative office of Netherlands Business Support Offices, has delivered a speech with the theme of experience in agricultural sustainable development in the Netherlands.

Officer from Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Japanese Embassy in China has given a speech with the theme of countermeasures of aging population of Japanese agricultural labor force.

The Event will increase the driving force of innovation, promote the structural reform of agricultural industry, maintain the stable increase of farmers’ income and build a well-off society in an all-round way.

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