Zhongnong Futong Successfully Accomplish its First Technical Training by Technician Trained in the NBack

From September 24, 2018, 4 technicians from International Cooperation Center and Efficient Planting Department, ZHONGNONG FUTONG, began their 90 days training in the World Horti Centre in the Netherlands, during which a series of training about greenhouse designing, soilless culture, facilities, postharvest packaging, logistics and marketing were carried out and local practices about color peper, tomato and cucumber were also implemented along with the theoretical trainings to help better understand the methodology.


During the training, the technicians discussed the best practice with local growers in the intelligent glasshouse and visited a number of enterprises with advantages in biological control, environment control system, greenhouse design and construction, nutrient solution detection, etc., gained frontier technology development in the Netherlands and deepened cooperation between FUTONG and the Netherlands, thus accelerating the internationalized process.

On January 26, 2018, the technicians shared the training fruits with FUTONG to maximize the training value, since then, FUTONG will improve the technical program and experimental projects based on what the technicians gained and modern agro-farms such as Nanhe Industrial Cluster, make efficient planting prefect, and establish the international brand.



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