Malaysian Agricultural Minister Visited Futong after The Second Belt and Road ForumBack

On April 25th, China's most important diplomatic activity this year -- The Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation opened in Beijing, and nearly 5000 foreign guests from more than 150 countries and more than 90 international organizations participated in this forum. Agriculture, as an important area of Belt and Road Initiative development, has also become a hot topic of this forum. On April 26th, Minister DATO’ SALAHUBBIN AYUB, Political Secretary AHMAD SABKI YUSOF and other officers from Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Malaysia visited Zhongnong Futong.

Zhang Tianzhu, professor of China Agricultural University and chief expert of Zhongnong Futong, Professor Meng Fanxi, former vice dean of International College of China Agricultural University, Qi Deming, vice-general manager of Zhongnong Futong, Liu Yanjiao, general manager of Beijing International Urban Agricultural Science and Technology Park, and colleagues of the international cooperation department of Zhongnong Futong gave a warm reception to the guests.

In the morning, both sides held talks and exchanged in-depth views on agro- planning policy consultation, agro-science and technology, agro- vocational education and agricultural modernization. DATO SALAHUDDIN AYUB pointed out that China has supported 1.4 billion people on its own and developed highly in the field of agriculture, while Malaysia is still lagging behind in the field of agricultural technology. He hoped that Malaysia could solve that and promote the development of its agricultural modernization through the support of Futong's agricultural technology and talents.


In the afternoon, the delegation visited Beijing International Urban Agricultural Science and Technology Park (hereinafter referred to as the Park). They visited the high-tech hydroponics, dwarfing cherry facilities, high-density fish culture, symbiosis of fish and vegetable in ecological circulation, and mushroom cultivation by fruit branches chippings. During this period, they had a strong interest in the hydroponic celery in the high-tech hydroponic greenhouse. They picked celery by themselves and had a taste. Mr. DATO SALAHUDDIN AYUB gave high regards for the facility dwarfing cherry cultivation techniques in the Park. In the greenhouse of flower science popularization, new and exotic varieties such as Artichoke, Ginseng Fruit, Rosemary catched their attention and they have been given an in-depth understanding of cultivation skills. Furthermore, they gave high appraisal to aquaponics system, which is a model that can achieve low-carbon production.


This year's No. 1 Central Document puts forward: speeding up and supporting agriculture going out, and strengthening "One Belt and One Road" agricultural international cooperation. On the occasion of the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, this visit is of great significance. Through this symposium and visit, Zhongnong Futong demonstrated its sustainable development of high-tech and new agricultural technology to the foreign guests. At the same time, it also promoted communication and exchanges between Malaysia and China in terms of agricultural development, and laid a foundation for future friendly cooperation. We hope both sides will strengthen exchanges and cooperation in agriculture and make common progress together in the future.

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