The 9th Top Forum on Modern Urban Agriculture Has Been Successfully HeldBack

The development of modern urban agriculture is an important part of modern agriculture and rural revitalization. At present, there is a new trend in the development of urban agriculture. The connotation and extension of urban agriculture are expanding, regional scope is covering local area, supply-side structural adjustment is deepening, the functions of economy, society, culture and ecology are upgrading, and the characteristics of industrialization, diversification, facility, informatization and standardization are constantly integrated. At the same time, new problems arise. It is worth exploring and practicing how to better serve the city, prosper the countryside and rich peasants, how to promote quality, green and brand agriculture, how to strengthen scientific and technological support, expand agricultural functions, and how to accelerate the integration of urban and rural development.

In this new era, in order to further strengthen the theoretical research and practical exploration of urban agriculture, accelerate the overall upgrading of modern urban agriculture in China, and promote the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, the 9th Top Forum on Modern Urban Agriculture was held in China International Exhibition Center on April 28 2019.

Leaders from counties and cities who are in charge of agriculture, experts and scholars in the field of urban agriculture, agricultural economic management, etc., heads of agricultural parks, pastoral complexes, featured towns, entrepreneurs related to urban agricultural industry chain, new farmers and international guests participated in the forum.  

Lai Qixian, executive vice president of Zhejiang Agricultural and Rural Planning Research Institute and executive deputy director of the Key Laboratory of Creative Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, deeply analyzed the new problems and new momentum of the development of modern urban agriculture in China, combined with cases and solutions.

Cao Zhangwan, chief researcher from Korean Research Institute, introduced urban agriculture in Korea from the followings: development background, status, subject and development strategy, which has great reference significance for the development of urban agriculture in China.

Bai Chunming, executive deputy director of the Institute of Agricultural Planning Science of China Agricultural University, made a profound analysis of the innovation practice and development status of modern urban agricultural parks from the perspective of digital economy.

Zhang Jinshui, assistant to director of Urban Modern Agricultural Hi-tech Industrial Park in Chengdu city, introduced the investment of agricultural high-tech zone in Chengdu.

Xu Dan, manager of agricultural development department of Beijing Urban Construction Sixth Group Co., Ltd, and Qi Deming, general manager of Beijing Futong Dachaolai Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd, discussed diversified operation modes of modern agricultural park from the aspect of new technology applications, including multifunctional development of modern agricultural parks, construction and development of regional characteristic brands, standardized management, agricultural products sales and industrial upgrading.

As the leader of agricultural modernization, urban agriculture can effectively connect and lead the development of rural revitalization strategy in industrial integration, scientific and technological support and environmental beautification. The new form of urban agriculture has become an important engine for realizing urban-rural integration development, and an important carrier for modern agricultural demonstration, integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and integration of modern agricultural technology and equipment. The strategic linkage between urban agriculture and rural revitalization will bring about a new wave of entrepreneurship and broad market space.

During the meeting, the guests had an interactive exchange with the speakers on hot issues such as industrial integration, agricultural land use, modern agricultural development model and greenhouse renovation. At the same time, Zhongnong Futong also held the Sixth China Agricultural Precision Irrigation Innovation Development Forum and the Fourth China Beautiful Rural Area Innovation Forum.

On April 29, the participants went to Beijing International Urban Agricultural Science and Technology Park and the 7th Beijing Agricultural Carnival for an on-site study.

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