The National S&T Week 2019 and the 9th Beijing (Tongzhou) International Urban Agricultural S&T FestiBack

2019 is a critical period for building a well-off society in an all-round way, a historical period for winning the battle against poverty and implementing the strategy of rural revitalization, and an important period for agricultural and rural make progress in various regions. In order to further enhance agricultural innovation and competitiveness, strengthen the construction of agricultural innovation system, promote the development of green, high-quality, characteristic and brand agriculture, accelerate R & D and application of green agriculture and technology for improving quality and efficiency, and promote the service function of science and technology to urban sub-centers, the National S & T Week 2019 and the 9th Beijing (Tongzhou) International Urban Agricultural S & T  Festival (hereinafter referred to as the S & T Festival) were grandly opened in Beijing International Urban Agricultural S & T Park on 19 May.


Nearly 800 people, including agricultural and scientific counselors of embassies in China, government leaders throughout the country, experts and professors of agricultural research institutions, heads of agricultural enterprises and representatives of agricultural parks, participated in this opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Xuhui, alcalde of Lucheng Town, Tongzhou District , Yang Jun, vice general manager of Asset Management Company of China Agricultural University, Miao Huaizhong, director of China Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation, Eva Sternfeld, scientific adviser of China-Germany Agricultural Center (DCZ), Liu Yongtai, former secretary-general of the Central Committee of Jiusan Society delivered speeches respectively.




Wang Yan, deputy head of Tongzhou District, Beijing, delivered a speech and declare the opening of this event.

Cui Kun, principal of Beijing Agricultural Radio and Television College, awarded the plaque " Practical Training Base for Beijing Agricultural Radio and Television College" to Beijing International Urban Agricultural Science and Technology Park, which is a demonstration base for Zhongnong Futong.


Zhang Tianzhu, professor of China Agricultural University, director of Institute of Agricultural Planning Science, and chief consultant of Zhongnong Futong, launched the Agricultural Outlets project.


Subsequently, in the witness of guests and the public, Liu Yongtai, former secretary-general of the Central Committee of Jiusan Society, Wang Younian, vice chairman of Beijing Rural Professional Technology Association, Xie Lei, executive vice-president of Beijing Association of Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise, Professor Zhang Tianzhu, and Zhu Yu, assistant president of Yida China Holdings Limited, jointly unveiled Futong’s Agricultural Outlets project.

There are 80 new technologies, 136 devices and 658 varieties, including 359 vegetable varieties, 47 fruit tree varieties and 252 flower varieties. By mastering technological innovation, demonstration popularization and industrial application, we provide advanced scientific and technological solutions for industry insiders, share new directions, new models and new forms of agricultural development, and jointly build a new platform of modern agricultural information sharing, technology exploration and market operation.



More than 100 institutions and organizations, such as scientific research institutes, associations and enterprises, participated in this event. It displayed new technology and new achievements, further promoting the coordinated development of agricultural science & technology innovation and modern agriculture, and deepening the exchange and cooperation of agricultural and rural technology.


Cao Hua, chief expert of vegetable cultivation, An Yufa, professor of China Agricultural University, and two other senior experts, provided consultancy service to the guests.


In addition, nearly 30 news media, including CCTV, China Network, Xinhua News, Farmer's Daily, Economic Daily, Science and Technology Daily, People's Political Consultative Conference Daily, International Online, China Reporting Network, China Youth Network, Beijing Television Station, Beijing Daily, Beijing News Broadcasting, Tongzhou Television Station and Qianlong Network, also participated in today's opening ceremony and reported it.


At the same time, we also held "Green Agriculture Innovation and Development Symposium & Beijing Agricultural Radio and Television Tongzhou school Training Seminar" and "Modern Agricultural Supply & Demand and Cooperation Match Meeting" and other activities, which were brilliant! Beijing International Urban Agricultural Science and Technology Park can be visited throughout the whole year. Those who miss this event can continue to visit and study.


The Science and Technology Festival coordinates domestic and foreign agricultural science and technology resources, and promotes the rural revitalization through the coordinated development of "politics, production, education, research and utilization". With the help of this event, we will open the last kilometer of agricultural technology, promote the implementation of scientific and technological achievements on the land of Tongzhou, the sub-center city of Beijing, and drive the development of modern agriculture through science and technology!

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