Experts from Wageningen University & Research Center Visited ZHONGNONG FUTONG and Gave LecturesBack

Senior researcher and horticultural expert Feije de Zwart from Wageningen University & Research Center (WUR), accompanied by Dr. QIU Yutong, China business development manager of Plant Sciences Group, visited ZHONGNONG FUTONG on May 20 while the National Science & Technology Week began, and he began his one-week lectures about horticulture technology in greenhouse. ZHANG Tianzhu, CEO of ZHONGNONG FUTONG and professor of China Agricultural University (CAU), Prof. MA Chengwei and Prof. ZHAO Shumei, from College of Water Resources and Civil Engineering, CAU, Prof. ZHANG Dechun from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, as well as workers from Park Development Department of ZHONGNONG FUTONG attend the meeting.

Prof. Zwart and Dr. QIU also visited Beijing Urban Science & Technology Park accompanied by International Cooperation Center and Innovation Center.


Since this visit and his lectures, WUR and ZHONGNONG FUTONG will deepen the R&D cooperation in greenhouse, and explore the development of facility agriculture that suited to China’s national conditions.

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