Futong Was Invited to German Embassy Reception and the 2019 Sino-German Agribusiness ConferenceBack

On June 13, 2019, at the invitation of the German Federal Embassy in China (hereinafter referred to as the German Embassy), representatives of the International Cooperation Center of Zhongnong Futong participated in the reception of the German Embassy. During the event, Futong people had the honor to listen to the speeches given by HE Ms. Julia Klöckner, German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, which confirmed the achievements of agricultural cooperation between China and Germany and her prospects for further cooperation, and HE Dr. Goetze, German Ambassador to China, which expressed the hope that more agricultural enterprises in China and Germany would practice the Agricultural Cooperation Framework Agreement and promote the development of agricultural science and technology.

On the following day, invited by of the DCZ, representatives of Zhongnong Futong and the Institute of Agricultural Planning Science of CAU attended the 5th Sino-German Agribusiness Conference. The Conference, sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Germany, aimed to help Chinese and German enterprises effectively build a communication & exchange platform, and to effectively promote pragmatic cooperation between the two countries in promising fields like agriculture and food industry. During the meeting, Dr. Alexandra, Chief Sustainability Officer of Syngenta Group, shared the application of digital technology in sustainable agricultural development; Dr. Julia, Vice President of BASF, shared the experience of implementing sustainable agricultural innovation in China; and Mr. Johannes, Manager of AFC Company from Germany, introduced the experience of China-Germany Crop Industrial Park and Agricultural Technology Demonstration Park. Over 300 delegates from institutions and enterprises of China and Germany participated the Conference and actively exchanged views and sought cooperation and development.

By far, Zhongnong Futong has established a good communication and mutual visits mechanism with DCZ. Through this event, Futong has learned advanced experience from German agricultural enterprises in big data application, agricultural products processing, industrial park construction and operation. In the future, Futong will continue to maintain close cooperation with the German Embassy and DCZ, to promote the integration of industry, education and research and the implement of projects, and use Germany's advanced experience assisting China's agricultural development.

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