Datong Agricultural Carnival Opened OfficallyBack

On July 19, Datong Agricultural Carnival, sponsored by Municipal People's Government of Datong, and jointly organized by People's Government of Pingcheng District, Agricultural and Rural Affairs Bureau of Datong City and Zhongnong Futong, offically opened in Pingcheng District, Datong City. Mr. Zhang Jifu, member of the CPC Provincial Standing Committee and minister of Datong Municipal Committee, Mr. Wang Younian, former president of Beijing Agricultural University and executive director of Chinese Society for Horticultural Science, Mr. Zhang Jianhua, former vice-president of China Agricultural University and vice-chairman of China Rural Special Technology Association, and Mr. Zhang Tianzhu, professor of China Agricultural University, attended the opening ceremony.

Professor Zhang said that the opening of Datong Agricultural Carnival just marks the beginning. In the future, we will lead the transformation and upgrading of Datong's modern characteristic agriculture, suburban agriculture and leisure agriculture through agricultural carnival project, and promote the development of rural tourism in Datong. We will build a large ecological agriculture park with local history and culture, which is a pleasant and creative tourist site of agriculture for the general public.  

Datong Agricultural Carnival project is designed and built by Zhongnong Futong, which is the largest agricultural carnival project in Shanxi Province. The first phase of the project covers a total area of 34 ha, including eight exhibition halls with the theme of vegetables, nursery seedlings, landscape, flowers and fruits, grains, Chinese herbal medicine, water science and technology and pets. Based on high and new agricultural technology, the Datong Agricultural Carnival combines with Datong's characteristic agricultural industry, history and culture to create an urban agricultural festival, which integrates agricultural technology, agricultural production, ecology, leisure, education, demonstration and other functions.

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