Training Class for China’s Agro-development Cases from Developing Countries Visited Futong's ParkBack

Training Class (I) for China’s Agro-development Cases from Developing Countries, 2019, hosted by Ministry of Commerce of PRC and co-organized by International Commercial Officer Training College, visited Beijing Urban Agricultural S&T Park on August 2. There are more than 60 officers from Madagascar, Morocco, Congo King, Guinea, Burundi, Afghanistan, Panama, Bangladesh, Syria, Sudan, Laos, etc., and they had a thorough visit of wastewater treatment, aquaponics, high-density fish culture and hydroponic greenhouses in the Park.

Officers of the training class were amazing at safe, environmental friendly and healthy idea throughout the planting in the Park, they shown highly appreciation on the wastewater treatment and aquaponics facilities and raised some questions about the technology and management measures on resource circulation. Wastewater treatment realizes the treated water in irrigation, aquaponics combines hydroponics and aquaculture by the designing of water cultured fishes feed the plants directly without fertilizer, and high-density fish culture also utilizes the treated water from culturing tanks thus saving the energy and water. All of these technologies realize zero-emission and agro-resources circulation, and reach a balanced ecology.

The officers shown that they were inspired by the innovative ideas in the Park, and they hope in the future, they could exchange more with us about the resources circulation and make greater value with fewer resources.

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