The 30th Beijing Farmers’ Art Festival and Tongzhou Harvest Festival Were Officially LaunchedBack

On September 24, the 30th Beijing Farmers' Art Festival and Tongzhou Farmers' Harvest Festival were officially lunched at Beijing International Urban Agricultural Science and Technology Park, a demonstration base of Zhongnong Futong company.

This harvest festival event shows new achievements of strengthening agriculture through science and technology, industrial development and new look in the whole region driven by Rural Revitalization strategy.

There are four characteristics and six highlights of this year’s festival. The four characteristics include agricultural science and technology, agricultural products, agricultural culture and arts.

This park has introduced more than 600 new exotic varieties, and has displayed more than 80 technologies such as soilless cultivation, three-dimensional cultivation, biodegradable film application, soil improvement, smashing fruit tree for cultivating mushroom and aquaponics. More than 200 agricultural equipment such as laminating machine, fertilizer applicator, herbicide and high-pressure atomizing device have been applied. A series of activities and performances have been held, which have received high praise from the participants.

As to six highlights, there are celebration float, light show, landscape of agricultural products, food festival, fun sports meeting and activity for popular science.

This celebration takes many forms to involve farmers, and every theme activity will enable hard working people to share the joy of harvest.  

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