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Dear friends of Futong:

We have been hosted the Beijing (Tongzhou) International Urban Agricultural S&T Festival for 9 years, and 2020 is the 10th anniversary of it. The sanitary emergency has affected all of us, yet we will not let it stop us from developing the horticulture industry. To make it special, we decided to hold the 10th Urban Agricultural S&T Festival online. With the online live broadcast, sharing lectures, themed forums and exhibition, the Event this year would lead the trend of a “Cloud Technologies”, and provide you a fresh experience of Agro-S&T.  

During the past nine sessions, the Festival has attracted over 700 units to participate, covering planting resources, agro-materials, agro-equipment, agricultural services and so on; more than 3000 S&T achievements have been promoted in total; and the Tongzhou Demonstrate Park, where the Event has been held, has been visited by over 200,000 people so far. Every session of the Festival would be jointly promoted by around 30 mainstream media such as Xinhua Net, Farmers’ Daily, Science and Technology Daily, CCTV, China Network, and CRI Online, and the audience of it reaches more than 2 million people.

We will be all together again in May 2020, as usual, because the actors in the green industry can overcome also this challenge, and a strong signal to the whole country and to the world can be given. We will work together for a great 10th session of the Beijing (Tongzhou) International Urban Agricultural S&T Festival.
Theme of the Festival:
S & T Innovation
Opening-up Platform
Win-win Cooperation
International Communication
Detailed information about the Online Exhibition:
I. Time of the Event
Officially starts at 9:00 a.m. on May 16th, 2020. And will constantly
be operated for months. 

II. Highlights of the Online Exhibition
Brand Promotion: Introduce your business and make your brand
Product Release: Display your special products and create
business opportunities;
Investment & Cooperation: Release investment and cooperation
information and allow efficient commercial development;
Business Communication: Reach out to business friends in your
interested fields, and provide professional consultancy;
Flexible Information: Follow up the current trend of the industry
and get the latest market dynamic;
Media Partnership: We will promote your enterprises and
products on mainstream media both online and offline.
III. Who could join us (include but not limited to the business
of the following fields)
a. Agro-product safety system: Technologies or equipment related
to green production and pre- or after-harvest processes; bio-or-physical
IPM; waste treatment and recycle systems; and food safety detection. 
b. Facility engineering technologies and materials: raw
materials for facility construction and supporting devices such as
temperature, humidity, lighting, ventilation, heating, cooling and others.
c. Modern technologies and equipment for protected
agricultural: modern agricultural machinery and equipment for
agro-production such as seedling raising, planting, irrigation, plant
protection, harvesting, packaging, fertilizer products and detection
equipment, etc.
d. Smart Agriculture: Agricultural IoT technologies and devices;
intelligent equipment and machinery for agricultural production;
traceability technology and equipment for agricultural product quality
and safety; UAV and agro- robot; agro-information service platform.
e. Protected agricultural machinery: small and flexible
machineries that suitable for protected agriculture; automatic equipment
for open field agriculture, plant protection, harvest and waste treatment,
f. Post-harvest processing and production and marketing
services for agro-products: Technologies and equipment for
fresh-keeping, fresh-cutting, drying, packing and storage of fruits and
vegetables, fluid extraction, protein powder processing, coarse grain
processing, and related technical facilities and equipment for agro-
products logistics and sales system; brand building and promotion of
agricultural products, etc.
IV. How to participate the Exhibition.
Please write email to the address below: ,
The email information including :The introduction of your company/ organization and the
product/ activity you want to promote online, it can be either in English
or Chinese, and would be better to attach relevant pictures about it.
Your official website and videos would be preferable if there is any. 
Any further questions or for more information also please contact
us through the following ways.
Cell: Ms. Karen LIU 0086-18113125061
Ms. Delia LI   0086-18515103221
Event website:

Also you could join us through the QRcode below:

Please be kindly noted that:the participation for the 10th session online Event will be free of charge. If you need further advertisement in our Tongzhou
Demonstration Park, please contact us for detailed information.


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