The 10th Beijing (Tongzhou) International Urban Agricultural S&T Festival Will Come SoonBack

The 10th Beijing (Tongzhou) International Urban Agricultural S&T Festival will be held online at 9:00 a.m. on May 16th, 2020.

A grand event of agricultural science and technology on the cloud will be opened.             

Science and technology will show its value through four-dimensional presence. We will create an everlasting agricultural science and technology festival!


Cloud visits for three times (May 16th – 17th)

Cloud lecture (Once a week on Thursday)

Cloud forum:

May 10th, Lecture Hall for China E-commerce of Digital Agricultural Products

May 16th, The 10th Modern Urban Agriculture Forum

May 17th, The 7th China Agricultural Precision Irrigation Innovation and Development Forum

May 18th, Seminar on the integration of First, Second and Tertiary Industry with Digital Agriculture

May 19th, Seminar on Socialized Agricultural Services

Cloud display, hundreds of units including well-known agricultural universities and enterprises both at home and abroad will be displayed online.


Please join us online through the QR code in the picture.

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