Futong’s production greenhouse in Nanhe County increased supply to Beijing Back

Over hundred confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported in Beijing and surrounding areas since last week. The initial case was founded in “Xin Fa Di”, the most comprehensive and biggest local agro-food wholesale market. The local authority took the measure immediately to suspend businesses in the market, in order to narrow down the pandemic further.

The measure and the stock up behaviour of local residences droved a higher vegetable demand in Beijing. As one of the suppliers to the market of Beijing, Futong increased the supply from his major production base in Nanhe County, 400 kilometres to Beijing in the south.

Nanhe greenhouse has contract with 6 supermarket chains in Beijing, covered over 50 stores in total. Before this new outbreak, they usually delivered twice a week, around 1500 kilogram per delivery. From last week, frequency of the delivery has been added to four times per week, and each time they provided more than 2000 kilogram vegetable., include cucumber, tomato and bell pepper.

This good well business initiative and social responsibility was reported by CCTV, China’s National Television Network, see the news link of CCTV below.


Nanhe glass greenhouse has 11.3 ha, is a perfect example of the horticultural cooperation between China and the Netherlands. This greenhouse is fully equipped by Dutch suppliers, such as, climate control system provided by Hoogendoorn, water irrigation system by Codema, post-harvesting system by Viscon, and substrate by van der Kannap. The varieties of tomato, bell pepper and cucumber came from RijkZwaan. Apart from hardware, growers are receiving regular growing advice from Dutch expert at TomatoWorld.

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