Zhongnong Futong Welcomes Chinese Farmers' Harvest FestivalBack

Approved by the Party Central Committee and by the State Council since 2018, the autumn equinox day, has been established as the "Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival". The festival can show China's agriculture-oriented tradition since ancient times.

In order to welcome the Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival in 2020, recently, Zhongnong Futong held colorful theme celebration activities in Beijing, Henan, Guangxi, Jiangsu, Shandong and Shanxi. The activities are conducted in the combination of online and offline forms, among which the total number of online live broadcasts of Beijing Farmers’ Harvest Festival and forums at the same time reached 10.74 million! The celebration activities are mainly composed of agricultural exhibitions, seminars, ecological tourism experience, literature and art shows.


Professor ZHANG Tianzhu of China Agricultural University, Chief Expert of Zhongnong Futong, gave a presentation on "Modern Agricultural Development Trends and Innovation Models at Home and Abroad" at the First Rural Revitalization Forum and Modern Agriculture Development Conference of Kaifeng, China.

Agricultural Exhibition

Recreational Activities

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