Session 4 -- Sino-Dutch Feeding and Greening Chinese Cities Meeting Has Been Successfully HeldBack

On November 17, 2020, Sino-Dutch Feeding and Greening Chinese Cities Meeting, which is part of The 10th Conference on the Development of Modern County Agriculture in China, has been successfully held. It is mainly organized by Province of Zuid-Holland, co-organized by Beijing Zhongnong Futong Horticulture Co., Ltd and Dutch Sino Business Promotions., and supported by InnovationQuarter and TomatoWorld.  

This meeting was hosted by professor, Meng Fanxi, who is the former dean of International College of China Agricultural University. During the meeting, Adri Bom-Lemstra, who is vice-governor of Province of Zuid-Holland, Martin van Gogh, who is a member of Zuid-Holland Economic Board, CEO of Hoogendoorn, Eric Egberts, who is CEO at Dutch Greenhouse Delta, and Dr. Qiu Yutong, who is China Business Development Manager at PSG, Wageningen University & Research, have delivered their special reports in terms of agriculture. According to statistics, the number of people watching this online meeting reached 513,000 ,which is proved to be a great success.

The themes of this meeting include: Dutch horticultural industry, feeding and greening Chinese cities, the situation of efficient horticulture in the Netherlands, and implementation plan of Dutch-Sino innovative solar greenhouse.  

After the meeting, online matchmaking followed. Participants have exchanged and discussed the related agricultural science and technology issues, as well as speech topics made by experts, which has contributed to a fruitful meeting. This meeting has also presented lots of new opportunities in the field of agricultural science and technology, which is crucial to promotion of the development of China’s agriculture. 

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