TomatoWorld’s First Seminar on China's 14th Five-Year Plan Hosted SuccessfullyBack

Recently, TomatoWorld’s first Chinese-theme seminar, which jointly organized by TomatoWorld, Beijing Zhongnong Futong Horticulture Co., Ltd and Dutch Sino Business Promotions has been successfully held. More than ten members from TomatoWorld, which is leading in the field of facility agriculture in the Netherlands, including seed industry, environmental control system, greenhouse equipment, and substrate, were invited to attend the seminar.

The theme of this seminar is "China’s 14th Five-year Plan". Professor Zhang Tianzhu, the Chief Expert of Zhongnong Futong, and Mr. Qin Zixiao, the partner of Dutch Sino Business Promotions, respectively shared the "overview of China's 14th Five-year Plan" and new opportunities for agricultural cooperation between China and Holland.

After theme sharing, Professor Zhang and Mr. Qin also had a further discussion with several guests on current situation and development of China's agriculture. It is believed that through this exchange, the industry experts of China and the Netherlands will have a deeper understanding of China's development priorities and key aspects of bilateral cooperation in the next five years.

On 24 October, 2019, a partnership agreement was signed by TomatoWorld and Zhongnong Futong from Beijing. From January 2020 onwards, the Dutch division of Zhongnong Futong has become a gold member of TomatoWorld. This time, Futong’s participation in TomatoWorld has built a bridge for the exchange of horticultural enterprises between China and the Netherlands, and make practical contributions to the upgrading of China's facility agriculture and the supply of safe vegetables and fruits.    

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