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Based on the advantages of technology, experts and project resources, ZHONGNONG FUTONG has formed a number of brands of agricultural high level conferences and training by holding a series of agricultural exhibitions and training surveys successfully. It has been offering the service of science and technology information exchange and resources matching to thousands of professional customers from government and enterprises every year. Planning for the development and seeking for the cooperation, we make the activity arrangement in 2017 as follows:

Activity Arrangement of ZHONGNONG FUTONG in 2017






The 7th Top Forum on Modern Urban Agriculture

New Concept, Trend and Technology of Urban Agriculture

Carry on the discussion of the new development tendency and model of modern urban agriculture, analyze the planning and cases of modern urban agricultural parks, and exchange and display the science and technology of urban agriculture

April 22-23
China International Exhibition Center in Beijing

The 7th Beijing International Urban Agriculture S&T Festival

Technology Innovation, International       Communication, Open Platform, Win-win Cooperation

Gather advanced agricultural science and technology resources, show top achievements on the international modern agricultural technology, carry on discussion on new development directions and new concepts of international agricultural technology development, and promote the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements

Time of Opening Ceremony: May 20(tentative)

Activity Phase: May to November

Beijing International Urban Agricultural S&T park

The 7th Top Conference on the Development of

Modern County Agriculture in China & International Agricultural S &T Exchange

Technological Innovation, International Cooperation, Regional Coordination, Openness and All Win

Examine the modern agricultural development in the county by summarizing problems, drawing lessons from experience, analyzing the cases, sharing models and exploring the trend; promote regional industrial upgrading, strengthen county economic development and solve the three rural issues

September 22-23

2017 Beijing International Agricultural · Agricultural Products Exhibition, and 2017 Beijing Modern Agriculture Development Forum

Demonstrating scientific and technological innovation achievements, diversifying capital market supply, making financial industry in the service of agriculture

Build demonstration platform of agricultural technological innovation, trading platform of high quality safe agricultural products, cooperation platform of agricultural product, information release platform of agricultural science and technology, exchange platform of financial services, domestic and foreign technology, and realize the innovation in agricultural industrialization development

October 20-22
National Agricultural Exhibition Center in Beijing

2017 China Forum on Circular Agriculture Development

Model Innovation, International Cooperation, Ecological Development, Cooperation and All Win

Communicate the policies, development model, advanced technology and equipment, Project investment and financing of circular agriculture, promote cooperation, promote the establishment of green, low carbon and recycling industry, and promote the ecological construction and sustainable development of agriculture.

National Convention Center in Beijing

The International Comprehensive Agricultural Technical Training Class

New concepts of modern agricultural development, international technology

Exchange with international agricultural experts directly in China, understand the new model of international agricultural development, and frontier technology, and study on agricultural production technology in developed countries. Visit excellent agricultural parks during the training to do practical training, communication and cooperation

March, July, December
China Agricultural University in Beijing

ZHONGNONG FUTONG Salon of Three Rural Issues

Supporting the farmers with wisdom and technology to make them rich.

Hold Salon activities of different themes, communicate new ideas and concepts on modern agricultural development, make deep analysis of industry focus, and supply platform of resource sharing, exchanging and cooperation

Every two months 

Mainly in Beijing 

The events provide top government and enterprise customer resources, the most extensive communication platform and high social concern, which help you create infinite possibilities and opportunities. 

Looking forward to your attention, participation and cooperation!


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