Nanhe Facility Agriculture Industrial Cluster ProjectBack

The Cluster consists of world advanced facilities and technology, as well as hardware construction and supporting high-tech soft power. It conducts modern agricultural production according to the optimum environment required by plants growth and development. Also, the Cluster assorts with post-harvest sorting &packaging, logistics and sales, which makes it an automatic clean ecosystem with efficiency and high quality.

This Facility Agriculture Industrial Cluster is located in Nanhe County, Hebei Province, with its planning area of 140 hectares,among which 100 hectares of multi-span greenhouse are used for efficient production of facility agriculture and industrialized seedling production. The project will drive the development of modern fruit and vegetable industry and digital logistics industry in surrounding areas, thus becoming a national hub for agricultural goods and materials and an important window for China's modern agricultural research and development.

In the meantime, it will increase employment in both direct and indirect way and stimulate the development of local economy. In 2017, 16.5 hectares of greenhouses have been built and put into production, with varieties such as tomatoes, cucumbers and colorful peppers.

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