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Guizhou Xiuwen Agricultural Carnival is a hot project for "Taoyuan Bazhai" National Agricultural S&T Demonstration Area, and one of important sites of whole Guiyang strategic layout for tourism. The carnival, with its infrastructure area of 65,000 ㎡, covers a total area of 2150 mu, and officially opened on Oct. 10, 2017. With focusing on Guizhou’s leading industry, integrating Yangming culture as well as farming culture and in order to gather popularity and integrate industries, set up platforms for foreign interaction, and build agricultural brands, the carnival has promoted local leisure agriculture and tourism in the whole region.


There are more than 10 Zhongnong Futong’s patents applied in the venue. Besides, 1,200 varieties of vegetables, fruits, edible fungi and Chinese herbal medicine, 100 new and peculiar varieties, 153 new technologies, 70 cultivation modes and more than 80 interactive activities can be found in the carnival. By the end of Feb. 2018, the number of tourists has reached 200,000.

The project is planned, designed and supported by Beijing Zhongnong Futong Horticulture Co., Ltd. and operated as well as managed by Guizhou Zhongnong Fuwen Agricultural Science and Technology Development Ltd.

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