The Overall Planning of Modern Agricultural Industrialization Park in Fengrun, TangshanBack

  1. Location

  This park locates in northern Tangshan, 120 km west to Beijing, 130 km southwest to Tianjin, 120 km east to Qinhuangdao, 8 km to Fengrun district.

Planning period: 2010 to 2015, with area of 349 ha., covering 4 villages.

  2. Function

  modern S&T demonstration, high efficiency production, agriculture tourism, ecology

  3. Guideline

  With the support of S&T, fully making use of resources such as talents, capital, and information, to build a leading modern urban agricultural industrialization demonstration park.

  4. Spatial Structures

  One center: ecological agriculture tourism

  Four zones: normal protected horticulture cultivation zone, high efficiency fruit trees cultivation demonstration zone, open field production demonstration zone and dairy farming demonstration zone.

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