Beijing International Urban Agricultural S&T ParkBack

  Beijing International Urban Agricultural S&T Park locates in Lucheng Town of Tongzhou District, Beijing. Relying on Beijing’s superiority in location, S&T, talent resource and information, and aiming at “Aggregating World-class Agricultural Professionals, Building International Top Promotion Platform”, the Park features aggregating advanced technologies, products and talents at home and abroad, and importing S&T project from the agricultural universities and institutes in China. By the soul of innovative development and the way of technical incubation, the Park develops high-end services of modern agriculture, and foster demonstrative agricultural industrial cluster with international standards, to build up a base for Beijing Agricultural S&T achievement transformation, for practical technicians training, and for modern urban agricultural S&T demonstration with international reputation.

  The Park gathers the latest research achievements of the experts from agricultural institutes and products from different agricultural S&T companies. Besides, various agriculture-related activities such as international agricultural conference, agricultural lecture room, agricultural training etc. are held here. As the training and practicing off-campus base for the agricultural universities in China, the Park works actively in communicating and exchanging information with the agriculture-related entities aboard and the departments of the embassies in China, to import and demonstrate new technologies and products from other countries.

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